Submission #1799

Even after Loki apologized and proved he could be a useful ally, the team was pretty leery about taking him in – and there was no way in hell Fury was going to sign him on to the Avengers Initiative.

At least, not officially…

It was settled that Loki would assume a probationary status and would serve as backup whenever the team needed it. He was given an entire residential floor in Stark Tower, kept under constant surveillance, and prohibited from leaving the building without a SHIELD escort or a member of the team. Loki’s biggest challenge at this time was keeping general trickery and sarcasm on the down low until he earned more trust. Because it was logistically difficult to leave his floor in the Tower, he kept to himself – except for the occasional visit from Thor, who was always excited to tell his younger brother about his latest Midgardian food discovery.

Eventually, though, Loki grew bored and lonely. And, as he was wont to do, he tried to devise a scheme that would get him on the team’s social radar. What he came up with wasn’t as clever as he had hoped: he pretended he didn’t know how to work his toaster oven and buzzed up asking if he could come to Tony’s kitchen and get a demonstration.

Loki was just about to call Tony’s residential floor when Tony himself walked in under the pretense of having important legal documents for Loki to sign upstairs. Loki was secretly happy he wouldn’t have to use the toaster excuse and followed Tony to the elevator.

All of the Avengers were gathered at Tony’s place, drinking and chatting. Tony mumbled something about going to get the documents and left Loki with everyone in the living room. At first no one said much. They twiddled at the stirrers in their drinks…

And Loki couldn’t help but notice that all the drinks and glasses were green, his favorite color.

It turned out that the gathering was for Loki, and the “legal papers” Tony went to grab was Loki’s official contract as a member of the Avengers Initiative.

And that evening, Loki finally got his drink.

Submitted by earzwideopen