Submission #1596

Almost all his life, Bruce drank black coffee. It was a sophisticated drink — no need to ruin it with creamer or sugar. But after his incident, Bruce learned that he had to stop drinking black coffee. The caffeine would accelerate his heart and make it harder to keep himself under control. Decaf coffee proved to not be a satisfying substitute, so he stopped drinking coffee all together. In Brazil, he was taught techniques that could help him to better control his anger, like breathing with his diaphragm instead of his lungs when he would start to lose control. After practicing this technique for some time, and it proved to help keep his heart rate under control, Bruce thought he might be able to drink black coffee again. Sadly, it was the night that General Ross found him in Brazil that he tried coffee again, and that led to having another incident. Bruce swore he wouldn’t have black coffee again until he was cured. When Bruce moved to Bella Coola, British Columbia to go into hiding, he started to drink tea and practice meditation. He discovered that he liked tea even more than black coffee and decided that this was his new drink. Bruce was so focused, even, because of the tea he drank, that he learned better ways to control his anger — in the sense of keeping it under control, and using it how he wanted. This is what Bruce was referring to when he told Steve that he was “always angry,” because he learned better focus and concentration than he’d ever known. (Plus, he still may miss black coffee just a little bit.)

Submitted by jenettestark