Submission #1590

I think Phil and Maria are in a relationship. Fury knows of this, but decides, if it doesn’t affect their ability to do their job, the he doesn’t really care. When Loki is escaping with the Tesseract and the SHIELD building was collapsing, Maria was chasing Loki in one of the trucks and Phil was in the helicopter, Phil had this look of extreme worry on his face. He knew Maria was still in there and the view from the helicopter wasn’t good. Then, to add to it, there’s the whole “COOOUUULSON!” deleted scene/blooper.

Also, how did Maria know that Phil didn’t have the cards in his pocket? How did she know they were in his locker? I have this scene in my head where Maria is helping Phil get dressed and puts the cards in his jacket pocket, insisting he get them signed (this headcanon goes along with the one where Peggy Carter is Phil’s mother, Maria thinks that getting the cards signed will give both Phil and Peggy the closure they need).

"No, I’ll keep them in my locker. That way they’ll be safe. Plus, if I keep them in my pocket, they’ll get bent. He’ll get around to it. When he’s ready. Once this Loki business gets sorted out, I’ll get them signed."

PS. I don’t plan on incorporating this scene into a fic, so if anyone would like to use it, feel free. I don’t mind in the least. Just, please, send me a link so I can read it!

Submitted by muggle394