Submission #1487

The thing people don’t realize about Pepper is that she went to MIT too.  Got her MBA from Sloane, actually, which is apparently really hard for a business school, but all the other MIT students think it’s easy, so she wasn’t really one to complain about her classes being hard.  But yeah, there’s a reason she knows how to run a company.  And being Pepper, and good with people, she worked for the admissions office to help pay her way.  And when someone got Tony to do a series of guest lectures the administration chose Pepper to be their liaison/TA/course administrator person.  And the result of this is that Pepper spent a semester getting Tony to show up to his lectures on time and being not freaked out by his bots and failures to conform to normal sanity standards and at the end of it, Tony was like, “You’re graduating, right?  You should be my PA — the people Obie finds are stupid and/or run away screaming in, like, 48 hours.”  And Pepper points out that she has several perfectly good offers for real jobs, and student loans to pay back, and Tony is just like, “Those people are boring.  Just pay yourself whatever twice whatever they’re offering you.  C’mon, Pep, it’ll be fun!”

She’s regretted it ever since.  (Except not, obviously.)

Submitted by april-rainer