Submission #1092

A week after Steve landed the plane in the water Peggy honored their commitment and headed to the Stork Club at 8 o’clock that following Saturday. She got all dressed up and even put a smile on her face because she had a feeling that Steve would show up. He always did have a way of surprising her. 

After two hours of idle chatter with acquaintances she had run into at the club, a gentleman by the name of William approached her, having seen her sitting at the bar by herself all night. He asked her to dance and they hit it off immediately.

Peggy knew she had to move on, so she decided to give him a chance. But of course she never lost hope that one day Steve would return. 

Years later, Peggy and William got married and lived a happy life with one son named Phillip. 

Phil grew up reading comics and hearing stories about Captain America and Steve Rogers. He, just like his mother, never lost faith that the Captain would one day return.

It was because of the stories his mother told him as a child that Phil Coulson believes in heroes.

That’s also why Phil called his mother first when they found Captain because Peggy Carter-Coulson had been waiting a bit too long for that small kid from Brooklyn. 

Submitted by anon