Submission #2578

Once when Stark threatened to take apart dummy, Jarvis played an audio clip of Number 5 from Short Circuit saying “No disassemble! No disassemble!” over the sounds of dummy’s beeps and whirrs. It was so flawlessly executed that Tony almost thought that dummy had spoken. Just for a split second though. In the end both he AND Jarvis broke into a fit of laughter. It’s Jarvis’s best and only prank he plays. He uses Optimus Prime’s voice for the toaster whenever anyone threatens to throw it out after burning the toast. Tony always laughs the hardest when he uses the Learning Machine’s voice from Battlefield Earth (just because it’s so silly) so Jarvis reserves using that one for special occasions when Tony seems down or needs a fun distraction.

Submitted by wadesque 

Submission #2577

Clint has been permanently band from the lab for singing Oingo Boingo’s ‘Weird Science’ to a maddening extent. Bruce gets especially twitchy when hearing the phrase ‘bits and pieces’ and both he and Tony are reluctant to use the phrase ‘my creation’.

Submitted by wadesque 

Submission #2576

While not being the biggest rap or hip-hop fan, Clint loved The Beastie Boys. He knows all the words to every song off of Paul’s Boutique. He was especially fond of turning the radio up in his car and bumping any Beastie Boys song when it came on the radio, singing every line even when it left him out of breath. Ever since MCA died he has been more likely to turn down a Beastie Boys song when it comes on instead of turning it up, and gets especially quiet when hearing them on the radio anymore.

Submitted by wadesque 

Submission #2575

Steve loves disco music. He is especially fond of KC & The Sunshine Band. He isn’t quite sure why singing these songs drives Tony nuts, but he does it anyway.

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Submission #2574

All the computers on the Helicarrier run on a system similar to Windows 8. All SHIELD agents HATE this interface.

Submitted by wadesque 

Submission #2573

TW: anxiety

It is said that Steve has ‘Nervous troubles of any sort’. Which is true, but for the most part it is undiagnosed. It is more of a form of social anxiety, and he has never experienced a panic attack firsthand. There have been a few times where it has come close to it, but those times only occurred before the serum and he mistook them for asthma attacks. 

Submitted by httpsawesome

Submission #2572

Steve uses titles with everybody. (Mr. Stark, Doctor Banner, Ma’am with Natasha and Sir with Nick Fury) this is partly out of respect but mostly it’s because his guard is up. It’s a defensive technique to keep himself from getting to familiar with anyone. After waking up with almost everyone he’s ever known dead, he doesn’t want to make any more friends.

Submitted by wadesque 

Submission #2571

Clint didn’t find out about Phil’s death until a week after the battle for Manhattan. He refused to speak to any member of the Avengers or SHIELD for nearly a month. The first person he spoke to was Bruce, quietly healing in the camaraderie of being around someone who knows what it’s like knowing that you’ve done something awful that was completely out of your control.

Submitted by vi-ctus 

Submission #2570

When leaving the compound with Loki, Maria Hill asks Clint “Who’s that?” to which Clint responds “He didn’t tell me.” This is because Loki’s voice came to him when he was initially being brainwashed. Loki whispered many things to him, excepting his own name.

Submitted by wadesque 

Submission #2569

When Fury says “I’d like to know how it turned two of the sharpest men I know into his personal flying monkeys” he’s not referring to Barton and Selvig, he’s referring to Barton and the other SHIELD Agent who Loki brainwashes. Selvig is a brilliant astrophysicist but hardly one of the sharpest men Fury knows, he’s quite clumsy in the lab and when he’s bored and likes the putz around and tell boring stories about his academic career.

Submitted by wadesque