The Ravagers worked with the Marauders to terrorize and pillage the Nine Realms, during the time the Bifröst was destroyed.

Both Steve and Bruce feel sure they’ll have much longer lifespans than their peers.  Steve is excited—he’ll miss his friends of course, but he’s looking forward to seeing how the future unfolds.  Bruce is horrified, which is why he’s still trying to figure out how to kill Hulk, and just hoping Tony never finds out.

Anonymous said: In order to keep Bucky occupied when Steve's gone on some sort of mission, he got him Animal Crossing. Unfortunately that turned out to not be such a great idea considering Bucky now spends his time sulking over the fact that he quit without saving once.

carlislethecinephile said: In addition to being a founding member of SHIELD Agent Peggy Carter helped revitalize The Torchwood Institute.

Pepper and Natasha buy all of Steve’s clothes.

Loki secretly turns into Lady Loki after he has had a fight with Thor and then goes have a Girl’s Night Out with Darcy to relieve stress or whatever.


When Phil came back; he asked Fury where his trading cards went,

he was not happy with him and yelled at him then proceeded to act as rude and sarcastic to Fury as he could (without getting fired) for over a month.

Anonymous said: Just clarifying: Cap /can't/ pick up Thor's hammer? Because I believe he can in the comics. I'm only asking because you gave details on the clip you saw - which makes me all the more pumped for the movie - but like... it also makes me kind of sad that they wouldn't have him pick up the hammer. :(

He can’t pick it up on his initial try, but he can move it slightly! This is just baseless speculation, but I think the fact that he can shift it and that others were trying to pick it up at all means that he’ll be able to pick it up later in the movie.

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The Show That Goes Like This

Continuing in my series of SHIELD/Stark Industries theatrical co-productions:



King Arthur: Tony Stark

Patsy: Bruce Banner

Lady Of The Lake: Natasha Romanoff

Sir Lancelot: Steve Rogers

Sir Galahad: Thor Odinson

Sir Robin: Clint Barton

Sir Bedivere: Reed Richards

Historian/Mrs. Galahad/Not Dead Fred/Minstrel/Prince Herbert: Phil Coulson

Prince Herbert’s Father: Nick Fury

Knight Who Says “Ni”: Sam Wilson

French Taunter: Fandral The Dashing

Tim The Enchanter: Stephen Vincent Strange


It was a wonder the show got put on at all, what with all the truly EPIC corpsing that went on during rehearsals.

Everyone managed surprisingly good British accents—especially, to everyone’s shock, Nick Fury.

On opening night, when Phil came out in the wedding dress at the end on Steve’s arm, the finale was delayed fifteen minutes—that’s how long it took for the audience to quiet down. (There were quite a few SHIELD agents in the audience, of course.)


The first time anyone in the Avengers Tower, with the exception of Bucky, heard Steve really cut loose with the cussing was the day he came across the proof of John Gabriel’s ‘Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory’.