Anonymous said: While on the run, Bruce Banner spent some time hiding out with a group of scientists studying a small desert town. Bruce actually really liked Night Vale and didn't want to leave, but still stays in touch - particularly with the scientist Carlos and his boyfriend Cecil.

SHIELD, The Avengers, The Bus, The Defenders, and The X-Men have official Quidditch teams and participate in competitions.
Tony has designed actual flying broomsticks, but is not allowed to use them around the normal teams.  Steve, Natasha, and Sam are chasers, Thor and Tony are Beaters, Clint is the seeker and Rhodey is the keeper.  

It can get pretty vicious, but JARVIS runs the Iron Man suits to keep people from falling too far.

There is a family in the world with the last name Howlie.

This came into existence when Stephan Dugan-Falsworth-Jones married Margaret ‘Maggie’ Morita-Denier and they gave birth to James Steven Morita-Denier-Dugan-Falsworth-Jones.

Contrary to popular belief, Steve actually isn’t a virgin. When he was briefly stationed in London, he met and had sex with a pretty blonde wearing a pair of jeans and a union jack t-shirt. Her name was Rose Tyler and she had disappeared the next day.

Imagine Steve’s surprise when he’s on a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D and he sees the same girl running around with someone who calls himself ‘The Doctor’

Tony is looking through some of the films his father left for him, and comes across an old audio recording. In the recording he hears the last conversation Steve and Peggy had before Steve crashed Red Skull’s ship into the ocean, and Tony becomes completely wordless. He now tends to go easier on Steve and respects him more, but Steve has no idea why.

The jotnar attack on the midgardian village of Tonsberg shown in the beginning of Thor (2011) in the year 965 c.e. was an attempt to retrieve the Tesseract so that Laufey could trade the “jewel of Odin’s treasure room” for Odin’s surrender. Tonsberg was shown in the beginning of Captain America: The First Avenger as being the hiding place of the Tesseract.

Tony once played ‘Black Widow’ by Iggy Azalea when Natasha entered the Avengers Tower. Needless to say, it didn’t happen again.

Nick Fury’s daughter, Nicole, was one of the people Natasha hooked Steve up with. 

Tony and Phil placed a bet on how long he would last before Fury made him disappear. 

They lost to Natasha on Steve and Nicole’s wedding day. 

While Steve does love dogs, he’s actually a total cat person

When the Howling Commandos were drinking their last night before a mission, they decided to get tattoos. Steve and Bucky got matching ones, red stars on their upper left arms. This is why Hydra places the star on Bucky’s metal arm and how Steve finally breaks through Bucky’s final mind blocks.